Vehicle Rescue in front of Station 86
By Chief Haydn Marriott
February 5, 2023

Earlier this afternoon, Squad 86 was dispatched to assist as the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) at a fire in Lansdale Boro. As the crew was assembling to respond to the call, a head on collision occurred directly in front of the fire house. The Officer of Squad 86 notified the county to cover our response to Lansdale and to dispatch EMS for the accident. The Squad then pulled out onto the front apron to start dealing with the accident. The call was then upgraded to a rescue as the driver of one of the vehicles was unable to get out of the car. Firefighters on scene cared for all 12 of the people in both vehicles and cut the driver out of one car. 5 Ambulances were used to take the victims to the hospital that required transport. No fire company vehicles were involved in the accident nor were any firefighters involved or injured in the accident. We would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to both families involved. Thank You to the many EMS agencies that responded to further treat and transport the patients from the scene. Pennsylvania State Police Skippack is investigating the accident.