Fire Prevention Week Kicks Off
By Assistant Chief Keith Grierson
October 3, 2021

October 3rd kicks off Fire Prevention Week (FPW) 2021! The theme of this year's FPW is to "Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety" which highlights the importance of taking action to a Fire and/or Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm. Regardless of whether it is a "beep" or a "chirp", the alarm is telling you something!

We encourage all families to take time this week to review fire safety at home:
Test your smoke and CO alarms
Familiarize the household with the sounds detectors make
Read the user manual to your detectors in order to fully understand the features and functionality
Review your fire safety plan and what to do in the event of an emergency
Check your fire extinguishers
Plan your escape

How can you learn more?
Visit - Great information on understanding your smoke and CO alarms, activities for children, free webinars, and helpful FAQs!

Visit us at the station, for the Skippack Fire Company Open House, this Thursday from 6-8 pm!