#1 In Pennsylvania
By Captain John Kelly
September 30, 2021

This past weekend Limerick Fire Company hosted the Firefighter’s Association of the State of PA’s annual convention and parade. The parade draws fire apparatus from across the states, and even neighboring states. Companies can simply participate in the parade or the more ambitious companies bring their apparatus and compete for trophies with other fire trucks. Members of the Skippack Fire Company take great pride in our apparatus that our residents have provided us funding for to protect our community, so we decided to put our 29-year-old Tanker up against the rest of the State.

For the last several months members spent many hours, several hundred by one estimate, at the station cleaning up the truck, giving it an unbelievable detailing inside and out. Imaging giving your car the ‘white glove test’ – for the parade judging they take white towels and run it under the truck, in compartments, under the doors, for any spec of dirt. Judges also look at the equipment carried on the trucks to ensure they can adequately do their jobs of fighting fires, so it’s just not looking good.

After all the hours of work and going up against the rest of the State, the verdict is in – our 29-year-old Tanker 86 won FIRST PLACE in the category Most Functional and Appearing Tanker 3000 gallons and Over! Congratulations to everyone who gave of their weeknights and weekends to give our Tanker some TLC and take pride in our equipment and service to the community.

Stop by our Open House on October 7, check out the trophy, all our trucks, some hands-on activities, and a fun night out with your family and neighbors.