It Is Not Always Over After Leaving The Scene
By Assistant Chief Keith Grierson
June 8, 2021

For those who answer the call all hours, day and night, having the proper training is important. The Skippack Fire Company trains every Thursday night in an effort to be ready for that next alarm. Equally important as training is getting apparatus and equipment ready to roll out of the station when our tones drop. Each member plays a special role in ensuring this happens. From those individual members to our Chief and Assistant Engineers to our equipment, gear, and air committees, there is as much time, commitment, and pride behind the scenes as there is while we are responding and on the scene of an incident.

Efforts to complete truck and equipment checks play a key role in a safe and successful outcome during every incident for our firefighters, community, and visitors passing through town. It's imperative that members ensure their personal protective gear and equipment are in proper working order before leaving the station after each and every call. This includes ensuring trucks and other fuel-operated equipment is refueled and ready for service, air packs, water, and foam tanks are full, equipment is cleaned, and if necessary, changing batteries in radios, air packs, and other battery-operated devices.

Each call for service is different, as are the needs back at the station as we return. It is not always over after leaving the scene of an incident. In many cases, firefighters invest just as much time, or more back at the station after a call as they do at the call for service. You can still be a major contributor to the fire service without ever setting foot inside of a burning building. Fire companies like ours need people to work in the office, educate the public, and more. If you’re not inclined to climb a ladder or stand face to face with a structure on fire, the fire company still wants and needs you.

Skippack Fire Company Photographer Roberta Bracken recently captured work at the station after a fire this past weekend. The pictures capture fire company members coming together again after leaving the scene to be ready for the next alarm, regardless if they are able to respond on the next one or not...the job gets done. The sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you’re able to save a life and protect property is overwhelming. When you become part of the fire company, fellow members become an extension of your family and the tasks at hand become a little easier. Consider joining our 100% volunteer organization. For more information on joining the Skippack Fire Company check out the JOIN SFC tab on our home page.