Training Certificates and Awards Presented
By President Keith Grierson
February 10, 2021

Monday night's fire company monthly meeting was a busy one. In addition to the "normal" fire company business, Skippack Fire Company recognized numerous members for their contributions from both last year and throughout their membership with the fire company. Skippack Fire Company cancelled the annual banquet and awards presentation due to the ongoing pandemic and instead presented awards in a socially distant environment.

Here is a run down of those recognized:

Recognition Award: Joe Fennell

The standard Skippack Fire Company Officer awards were suspended for the year and one award was presented recognizing all SFC members for their contributions in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Awards for Years Served - Year Ending 2020

50 Years William Parkins
50 Years Al Risell
20 Years Dan Greco
20 Years Andrew Parkins
15 Years Josh Phillips-Shaw
10 Years Matt Rotenbury
10 Years Sean Dusza
5 Years Leigh Kelly
1 Year Justin Coates
1 Year Kyle Merkel
1 Year Jake Rowland
1 Year Scott Spitko
1 Year Ryan Teefy

Dan Greco and Josh Kratz Gold Life Member Cards

Alarm Awards - Multiplies of 500 Alarms

8000 Ron Wilkie (8015)
3500 John Kelly (3616)
1000 Dave Dusza (1059)
1000 Sean Dusza (1224)
500 Leigh Kelly (559)

Century Awards – Members Responding to Over 100 Calls for Service 2020

Ron Wilkie: 245
Haydn Marriott: 228
Keith Grierson: 224
Sean Dusza: 219
Jake Rowland: 216
John Kelly: 215
Michaleen Pacholski: 200
Dale Tyczka: 196
Roberta Bracken: 177
Leigh Kelly: 176
Josh Taylor: 153
Matt Rotenbury: 151
Ethan Crovetti: 140
Jordan Perla: 137
Ray Bracken: 130
Mike Risell: 128
Jade Hale: 122
Ryan Teefy: 116
Jack Gross: 111
Barry Evans: 109
Robert Forsyth: 107

Training Awards – Members Training for Over 150 Hours in 2020

Michaeleen Pacholski: 341
Dale Tyczka: 312
Jake Rowland: 279
Leigh Kelly: 269
Kyle Merkel: 188
Jack Gross: 184
Keith Grierson: 157
Jade Hale: 154
Michael Risell: 152

Congratulations also to the following members who were presented certificates of training for their efforts to be ready for the next alarm:

Active Shooter-Hostile Event Rescue Task Force Concept: Keith Grierson
Basement & Garage Fires: Keith Grierson, Kyle Merkel & Dale Tyczka
Basic Life Support (CPR & AED): Jack Gross
Bomb-Making Materials Awareness: Keith Grierson
Child Abuse Recognition & Reporting For The Emergency Services: Keith Grierson & Mike Risell
Confined Space Entry: Jack Gross & Jade Hale
Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Design Basics: Keith Grierson
Emergency Medical Response Awareness for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear & Explosives (CBRNE) Incidents: Keith Grierson
Hazmat Operations Level Annual Refresh: Ron Wilkie
Ice Rescue & Emergency Response: Matt Rotenbury & Dale Tyczka
IS-00100.c Introduction to Incident Command System: Jade Hale
IS-00200.c Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response: Jack Gross
IS-00700.b Introduction to the National Incident Management System: Jack Gross
IS-02200 Basic Emergency Operations Center Functions: Mike Risell
Mass Casualty Incident Response: Mike Risell
Open the Roof: Keith Grierson, Kyle Merkel & Dale Tyczka
Water Rescue for the First Responder: Ethan Crovetti

In total...Skippack Firefighters trained for over 330 hours in January 2021.

We are thankful for all our members who contribute to the fire company, both on the fire and administrative portions of our 100% volunteer organization. New members are always needed and welcomed! Check out the JOIN SFC link on our web site home page.