Training Certificates Presented
By Assistant Chief Keith Grierson
March 9, 2020

Congratulations to the following members who were presented with certificates of training Monday evening, for their efforts to be ready for the next alarm:

American Heart Association Basic Life Support (CPR & AED) Instructor Program: Keith Grierson

Fire Dynamics: Strategy & Tactics: Jacob Rowland

Hazardous Materials Awareness: Justin Coates, Alessandro Jomli, Andrei Lucas, Michaeleen Pacholski, Jacob Rowland & James Seydel

Hazardous Materials Operations Refresher: Ethan Crovetti, Sean Dusza, Barry Evans, Jeanne Evans, Madeleine Foster, Keith Grierson, Jack Gross, Jade Hale, Jenna Kratz, Brian Lavenberg, Kyle Merkel, Jordan Perla, Josh Phillips-Shaw, Matthew Rottenbury, Jacob Rowland, Michael Risell, Joshua Taylor & Dale, Tyczka

Hazardous Materials Technician Refresh Site Specific: John Kelly

IS-00800 National Response Framework: Michaeleen Pacholski

Sexual Harassment Liability in the Fire Service: Keith Grierson

Scene Preservation for 1st Responders: John Kelly

Vehicle Rescue Refresher: Michael Risell