Driving Around Road Barricades – But I Have to Get To…….
By Firefighter John Kelly
November 29, 2018

No one likes to take detours from our normal routes of travel. Whether going to work, school, shopping, we’re often running late or on a schedule. While most motorists are not happy when they encounter detours or barricades, they are placed for a reason. Most often barricades are in place to protect you, the motorist, from hazards, or us as first responders.

In just the last month there have been several firefighters in Pennsylvania who have been seriously injured as a result of motorists driving around barricades. A few weeks ago in Conshohocken a firefighter suffered a serious leg injury when a motorist drove around a barricade and drove over a fire hose which then struck the firefighter.

Earlier this year a volunteer fire fighter in Central PA suffered a career ending head injury when a motorist drove around a barricade and drug a fire hose that knocked over two firefighters causing injuries.

Not only did these motorists injure firefighters, but they damaged fire hose supplying water to firefighters inside a burning building, putting these lives at risk.

Besides putting the lives of first responders at risk, it’s illegal – you will get fined and can also get jail time, can cause serious damage to your vehicle and can put the lives of everyone in your car at risk. Remember also, dangers can be unseen – just because it looks safe doesn’t mean it is.

Think about it – are those couple minutes you think you’ll be saving really worth risking the lives of first responders and the lives of those in your car? So the next time you see a barricade, please take the extra time and take the detour.