Training Certificates Presented
By Battalion Chief Keith Grierson
April 9, 2018

Congratulations to the following members who were recently presented certificates of training for their efforts to be ready for the next alarm:

Aerial Operations 101 and Training Tips for the Truck Crew: John Kelly

Basic Rigging for Rope Rescue: James Herb

EMS Response to Active Shooter Incidents (BLS): Keith Grierson

Helicopter Landing Zone Safety: Ethan Crovetti, Joseph Fennell, Keith Grierson, Jack Gross, James Herb, Josh Kratz, Brian Lavenberg, Haydn Marriott, Andrew Parkins, Michael Risell, Matt Rotenbury, Steven Travers and Ron Wilkie

Responding to Fuel Cell Vehicle Incidents: Keith Grierson

Responding to Gaseous Fueled Vehicle Incidents: Keith Grierson

Responding to Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Incidents: Keith Grierson