Education and Training At The Skippack Fire Company
By President Keith Grierson
May 8, 2017

Through education and training members of the Skippack Fire Company work to ensure firefighter life safety initiatives and that we are always ready when the alarm sounds for service. The Skippack Fire Company conducts weekly in house training sessions every Thursday night while also encouraging and supporting members to train outside the fire station, through various training opportunities. The following individuals received certifications at our May monthly meeting for those efforts outside the weekly training nights to continue their preparedness in support of the Skippack Fire Company and our community:

Hazardous Materials Awareness: Sean Dusza, Devin Scott, James Seydel
Hazardous Materials Operations Refresher: Barry Evans, Jeanne Evans, Robert Forsyth, Dan Greco, Keith Grierson, James Herb, Ray Lavenberg, Haydn Marriott, Andrew Parkins, Jordan Perla, Matt Rotenbury, Robert Sparks, Gary Spicer, Ronald Wilkie
Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher: Robert Forsyth, Dan Greco, Ray Lavenberg, Haydn Marriott, Robert Sparks, Gary Spicer
Hazardous Weather and Flooding Preparedness: Keith Grierson

Thank you for your continued passions and commitment to training!

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