Easter Egg Hunt Safety Tips
By President Keith Grierson
April 12, 2017

Easter Sunday means baskets filled with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and marshmallow chicks. And for many of us, the holiday wouldn’t be the same without an Easter egg hunt. This classic Easter activity is a great way to make memories with family and friends.

If you’re hosting this year’s Easter egg hunt, you may have concerns about safety. Check out these safety tips to help you keep everyone safe and healthy during your hunt.

To prevent choking and exposure to choking hazards, children under the age of 5 should not be given small candy. Be sure to give out age-appropriate candy and be watchful of little ones at all times.

Toys with small pieces are also choking hazards so be mindful of any toys handed out to young children.

Decorating eggs is one of the most fun Easter traditions for children. However, remember that eggs can be hazardous and quickly spoil if not refrigerated properly before and after you decorate them. Hard-boiled eggs left out for several hours as part of a hunt or centerpiece should not be eaten.

When preparing eggs for the hunt, wash hands before and after working with raw eggs, as well as any utensils or dishes used. Do not use eggs that have been cracked or broken.

If you are going to be outside for long periods for an Easter egg hunt or other outdoor games, remember to apply sunscreen.

Nut Allergies:
Remember that some kids have nut allergies that are very serious. Check with parents before offering any chocolate bunnies or other candies that might have nuts.

Set up a boundary for an outdoor Easter egg hunt so kids are not wandering off or into places that aren't safe or supervised.

No Running:
Separate age groups so that the large kids are not running off for their eggs and knocking over smaller children. Or enforce a no running rule.

Indoor Safety:
For indoor egg hunts, do not hide eggs near outlets, hard to reach areas, near glass or other breakables or dangerous spots.

Designate only certain rooms of the house for indoor egg hunts so children aren't running around the house unsupervised.

Keep Animal Friends Safe:
If your four-legged friends are joining in on the fun, be sure to keep chocolate, Easter grass, and plastic off the ground and out of their reach. Remind children not to feed candy to dogs.

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