Training Certificates Presented and New Member Welcome
By Battalion Chief Keith Grierson
May 14, 2018

Congratulations and welcome to our newest member returning to Skippack Fire Company, Ernesto Perez-Escobedo. Congratulations to the following members who were recently presented certificates of training for their efforts to be ready for the next alarm:

Electrical Emergencies: Ethan Crovetti, David Dusza, Sean Dusza, Barry Evans, Jeanne Evans, Joe Fennell, Bob Forsyth, Dan Greco, Keith Grierson, Jack Gross, James Herb, John Kelly, Brian Lavenberg, Ray Lavenberg, Jordan Perla, Michael Risell, Al Risell, Matt Rotenbury, Ben Scott, Jim Seydel, Benjamin Ta, Joshua Taylor, Steven Travers & Ron Wilkie,

EMS Response to Active Shooter Incidents: Dennis Lewis

Fire Inspector 1: Matt Risell

Hazmat Ops: Annual Refresh: Matt Risell

Ice Safety - Basis Survival & Rescue: Barry Evans, Jeanne Evans, Joe Fennell, Bob Forsyth, Keith Grierson, John Kelly, Brian Lavenberg, Ray Lavenberg, Hayden Marriott, Andrew Parkins, Jordan Perla, Michael Risell & Ron Wilkie

NABC First Responder Emergency Extrication F.R.E.E. Program: John Kelly

Public Relations for Fire & Emergency Services: Keith Grierson

Tactical Combat Casualty Care: Haydn Marriott

Truck Company Operations Without the Truck: Keith Grierson

Utilizing Resources to Maximize Recruitment Efforts: Keith Grierson

Volunteer Retention for the Emergency Services: Keith Grierson

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